Disclaimer: Government Lands Sales reserves the right to refuse a sale to someone/anyone at any time at our sole discretion.

Government Land Sales offers owner financing on all parcels we sell over $1000. We require a minimum of 10% of the purchase price as a down payment (possibly lower, please inquire). There is no qualifying or credit checks, we finance (almost) EVERYONE at least once! We strive to work to meet every budget so financing options are negotiable. This is a rough guide to our standard financing terms:

Financed Amount:

$1,000-$2,500 – Financing available for up to 1 year

$2,501-$5,000 – Financing available for up to 2 years

$5,001-$7,500 – Financing available for up to 3 years

$7,501-$10,000 – Financing available for up to 4 years

$10,001-$15,000 – Financing available for up to 5 years

$15,001-$20,000 – Financing available for up to 6 years

$20,001-$40,000 – Financing available for up to 7 years

$40,001 + Please contact us to discuss options

Forms of Payment

We accept the majority of credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). We currently do not charge a fee for the use of a credit card for the down payment. We also accept Zelle, money orders, cashier’s checks, and personal checks. Please call for information on EFT and wire transfers. We DO NOT accept PayPal payments for real estate (it is against their payment terms and conditions).


Interest rates start as low as 5% (with 20% down). Your rate may be higher or lower based on the agreed upon contract terms.

Document Fees

Regardless of whether you purchase a parcel outright or elect to finance it with us, we charge a nominal, non-refundable, document fee of $299. This fee covers the preparation and mailing of all documents required to execute the contract and and in some instances file the deed and pay transfer taxes (cash purchase). This fee applies to all purchase made from our website. Purchases made through any other outlet will be charged a $499 document and recording fee.

Sales Contract

Parcels are sold through a Contract for Deed. Government Land Sales retains title to all property while payments are being made. Title (deed) is conveyed after the entire purchase price (and any interest, late fees, taxes, etc.) is paid in full. This method is used to keep our land prices as low as possible. All buyers may enjoy the use of the property while making monthly payments. Buyers may also make improvements while monthly payments are being made as long as they conform to all city and county codes.

Deposit to Hold a Parcel

All parcels remain for sale until a down payment has been received and cleared our bank. If you see a parcel you like and would like to put it on hold while you continue to do your due diligence, we require a non-refundable hold fee (starting at $200). This fee holds the parcel for up to 10 calendar days for you to do your research. Should you continue with the purchase the fee will be applied to the purchase price (it can also be applied to the purchase of a different parcel we have in current inventory). Should you decide not to continue with the purchase you will forfeit the hold fee and will not be entitled to a refund. All cash purchases require a non-refundable deposit of up to 50% of the sale price to take the property off the market. All sales are on a first come/first served basis.

Title Insurance and Escrow

As a norm we do not provide title insurance or use escrow. This allows us to keep our prices low. It is our opinion that these are unnecessary costs when purchasing raw land. Should you desire title insurance you are welcome to contact a local title company to assist you. All fees associated with a title company/title insurance or the use of an escrow service would be the responsibility of the purchaser. We do, however, recommend the use of a title company for any purchase that includes a structure.

Disclaimer (again): Government Lands Sales reserves the right to refuse a sale (to NOT sell land) to someone/anyone at any time at our sole discretion.

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